Our members ARE the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society.
  Nothing happens without you!

All our projects and programs are fun and interestingand you would enjoy being part of everything that goes on. 

Volunteering for SMHPS is a wonderful opportunity to meet intriguing people in the community and to learn fascinating facts about the history of our charming little village.

And of course involvement in community organizations and activities is always tremendously satisfying.

We need not only helping hands but also helping minds
to create new projects and programs.

Is there a program topic you think people would find interesting? Do you have an inspiration for a fundraiser? Tell us your ideas!

There are all sorts of ways to be involved that can suit any schedule, ranging from the very brief and sporadic to the long-term and deeply involving.

Here’s how you can volunteer: 
Click on the Board page of this website to find contact information.
If you can’t find a committee that fits the description of the sort of volunteer opportunity you’re interested in, or if a committee chair position is vacant, contact the Membership Chair. 

We have an on-going need for helpers in our information booth/lemonade stand at community events. Contact the Membership chair if we can put you on a call list. 

FAQs:  About working in our booth.
I don’t know much Sierra Madre history! Do I need to know our history?
There will always be a person versed in our history in the booth with you.
How long do you need me to be in the booth?   A couple of hours. 

Maintaining and improving the museums

Docent Terry Terrell

Manning our History Booth

Volunteer John Cappocia